Benedict Moleta

"…there's reason to be excited about this comeback beyond one exquisite performance. Tonight is a reminiscence on an underrated and frankly brilliant body of WA work that deserves to be viewed alongside the best our state has produced in the past two decades. But it's also hard not to be excited by the prospect of a new album due soon, no doubt with a simple white cover." Review in Seesaw of Songs 2002-2022, May 2023
"Moleta has quite a unique style of delivering his lyrics – the vocals so clear, honest and unpretentious, it can make for quite an uplifting experience." The Drum Media

Something from the video archive -
Eugene, live in 2023
(from The Lines of Parallel Trees, 2007):

"Next up was Benedict Moleta who came out and gave a beautiful acoustic set filled with amazing slice-of-life songs and an incredible voice that even makes the goose bumps have goose bumps!"

Something from the photo album -
Recording French duets with Carole Katz, January 2024:

"...a hushed, white-wall atmosphere perfect for lovers of Death Cab For Cutie or Red House Painters. But the comparison is not exact, as Moleta's songwriting seems more mature and less prone to pop affectations..." Rave Magazine
"I think of Moleta as a hero, the way he continuously works with different musicians . . . to craft albums that are warm and genuine, moments that merge with your own memories."
"With lyrical visions such as these - and the songcraft to match - Moleta remains a distinctly individual character in the overcrowded cupboard of singer/songwriters."
"Most of the time when I see Benedict Moleta it's only a brief glimpse of his impossibly skinny frame riding around Mt Lawley on top of a beat up, old mountain bike. That mountain bike is a pretty good metaphor for Benedict Moleta's music, it's not fancy but it's honest and it'll get you where you wanna go."

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